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ISG President Prof. Dr. Helianthe Kort



Dear ISG members

Now the year 2023 is started as well as the year of the Rabbit, I want to wish you all the best in this upcoming year.
A year in which we will work to transfer the website to a website in which members can find information about other members and their projects, we will work to invoice the fee according to the new bylaws and we will work to enhance the members ’engagement. For this, we will need your help, but most of all we will help support the Austrian German Swiss chapter in preparing for ISG 2024.

Stay Healthy, safe and have a joyful 2023!

Helianthe Kort,
President of ISG

Student Chapter




The Student Chapter began the year with a set of new ideas. Researching and
working to bring solutions to help older adults' healthcare is our must and, for
this year, we want to do it bigger. For this, we are thinking about new ideas to
make more researchers and PhD students get involved in Gerontechnology
and get recognition for their efforts. We keep the focus on improving every day
to bring the future closer.

If you are a PhD student, an ISG member and want to be part of the Student
Chapter,contact the president of the chapter, Manuel Jezús Azabal.


E-mail: manuel@unex.es






News from ISG



13th ISG World Conference

The conference was attended by a total of 296 total participants (192 in person, 104 online) from 22 different countries with 60% from Korea.

Data regarding symposia, oral and poster presentation are presented in the table below.




We take this opportunity to present some photos of the conference.









4th Brazilian Congress on Gerontechnology

Between 17 and 20 November 2022 the 4th Brazilian Congress of Gerontechnology was held. The congress was attended by 130 people, nine national and five international speakers. 38 scientific papers were approved and presented.














The event included the Masterclass that took place on 19 and 20 November 2022. The Masterclass was given by Prof. Dr. Helianthe Kort - President of the International Society for Gerontechnology and was supported by Prof. Dr. Paula Costa Castro - President SBGTec and Prof. Dr. Carla Santana Castro - Director of Defense and Ethics SBGTec. Seven people participated in the Masterclass.

Utrecht Summer School

The basic Gerontechnology training is organized from July 3- July 14. The course has an interdisciplinary approach and is a combination of lectures, coaching and individual guidance by (grand) masters in gerontechnology.

The course is open for students working in any field of aging and technology.
At the end of the course students will have acquired knowledge about Gerontechnology, they know how to apply the Gerontechnology principles to their projects, they will have more self-confidence in working in co-creation with older people to find solutions to tackle their challenges. Moreover, students will be able to approach a challenge from a multidisciplinary perspective based on the Gerontechnology principles.


Dr.ir. Emelieke Huisman, postdoctoral researcher and senior lecturer research group Technology for healthcare innovations, coordinator of the course Health and Technology and a background in building engineering.

Prof.dr. Helianthe Kort, Holder faculty chair Technology for healthcare innovations and full professor Building Healthy Environments for Future Users at Eindhoven University of Technology. President of the International Society for Gerontechnology and master of the World Academy for Gerontechnology.

Target audience:

Dutch and international students (Bachelor level or advanced bachelor) and professionals with an interest or experience in the domain of aging and technology are the main target groups of this summer course.

More information: https://utrechtsummerschool.nl/courses/healthcare/gerontechnology




Call for papers



ISG members are cordially invited to submit an aticle on the topic of "Gerontechnologies for Home Support", to be published in a special issue of Frontiers in Psychology.


This special issue aims to highlight research providing evidence-based information about emerging and existing gerontechnologies and their efficacy, effectiveness, and adoption in the past ten years. It includes research demonstrating the evidence of gerontechnologies (e.g., feasibility, usability, acceptability, satisfaction, dependability, and affordability) through cross-sectional or longitudinal studies using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods.

Deadline to submit an abstract indicating your interest in publishing in this issue is April 1.


More information: https://www.frontiersin.org/researchtopics/51514/gerontechnologiesfor-home-support 






14th ISG World Conference
September 09-11, 2024
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

More information: https://www.frankfurt-university.de/en/about-us/centers-and-institutes/futureaging/isg-2024/ 



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