Manuel Jesús Azabal

Cáceres, Spain

President of Student Chapter


My name is Manuel Jesús Azabal and I’m from Cáceres, Spain. I studied Software Engineer in the School of Technology of Cáceres and I began researching. Since two years ago, my research career has been centred from the beginning on the possibilities of technology in the healthcare of elders. This has allowed me to focus on how solutions have to be accessible and how to adapt them to improve the user experience of older adults. Thus, my main interest soon became the way the user experience when interacting with technological solutions can be improved. This vision found on voice assistants and their possibilities a perfect match. This way, I’m currently involved in the development of ACHO (Assistant on Care and Health Offline), an offline voice assistant centred on the reminder of medical doses to elders. In the same way, the offline nature of the project enhances the research of communications in rural areas where the Internet is not available. Hence, I found in alternative mechanisms of communication, like opportunistic networks, a very interesting technology to bring new possibilities for the most remote places. Today, I’m facing new challenges. Being part of ISG is a great pride for me and a huge source of motivation to provide all my efforts to reach a better world where technology and elders go in hand. Thank you for your trust.


In the chapter student we are working to align all the requirements of the association with the latest top researches about gerontechnology. Our mission is transmitting all our philosophy about innovation and social care to the newest researchers generation, building an union to collaborate and work together. For this, we will put all our passion, ideas and efforts to consolidate ISG as a wordwide reference.


PhD, Software Engineering
University of Extremadura
Master in Software Engineering
University of Extremadura
Software Engineering
University of Extremadura


Full-stack Developer
External Outsourcing y Consultoría
Plasencia (Spain)
Internt Software Engineer
VIEWNEXT – IBM Subsidiary
Cáceres (Spain)
University of Extremadura
Cáceres (Spain)
Substitute Teacher
University of Extremadura
Cáceres (Spain)

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