Master class held in Yuan Ze university, for the ISG 2014 congress

The ISG Master Class provides a unique opportunity for young researchers at the Master, Doctoral, and Post-doctoral level who are currently conducting or planning to conduct research in related fields to interact with world-class experts in the area of Gerontechnology. An ISG Master Class takes one and a half days and consists of lectures followed by poster discussion (master-student and student-student) and a competition for the best poster.

The initial process involves having the student properly place his or her poster in the "right" cell in the Gerontechnology matrix. The advice comes from both masters and fellow students. Both the masters and the students vote on the best poster, and the winner is recognized for that. Over the years since the first ISG Master Class in 2006, the correlations between the masters’ and fellow students' votes on best poster have been found remarkably high.