ISG New Board and President

Dear ISG member,

Thank you very much for your active participation in the General Assembly voting. We are happy to announce that the new board and president have been elected now. Below please kindly find the words from both the former president Professor Kearns and the new president Professor Kort, as well as the list of our board members.

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The International Society for Gerontechnology

William Kearns photograph

ISG Former President
Prof. William Kearns

Dear friends and colleagues, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to serve as your president these past 4+ years. Since 2016 we have seen much turmoil in the international spheres of politics, the economy and health. Ironically these worldwide stressors have helped to underscore the need for Gerontechnology to address older people’s loneliness, the need for telemedicine services, social distancing, and other requirements directed by national governments worldwide intended to enhance the safety of their older citizens. Gerontechnology will have a prominent place on center stage as these and future events play out and history is made.

As I pass the reins of governance to our new President, Professor Kort, I am heartened to know that I am leaving the organization in good hands.

I wish you well and I look forward to seeing you in Daigu, Korea in 2022!

Helianthe Kort photograph

ISG President
Prof. Helianthe Korts

Thank you for your trust in selecting me as your ISG President.

I consider this nomination as a privilege and I am looking forward to serving the Society.

A society in which we respect each other and where we can have an open dialogue with all members to stay in close contact.

To listen, so we can build a sustainable society comprising the range from first stage researchers to leading stage teachers. A society with a sound financial position and with a high scientific level that can provide benefits to older persons in society and enterprises focusing on aging adults.

You can find me on Twitter (@HeliantheKort) and or LinkedIn

New Board Members

William Kearns photograph
Helianthe Kort
William Kearns photograph
Anthony Sterns
Secretary General
William Kearns photograph
Henk Herman Nap
William Kearns photograph
Yeh-Liang Hsu
Editor-in-Chief and IT Director
William Kearns photograph
Yeong-Ran Park
Vice President (ISG 2022)
William Kearns photograph
Espen Aspnes
Vice President (ISG 2020)