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13th World Conference of Gerontechnology  (October 24-26, 2022. Daegu, Korea)

Deadline: March 31, 2022


Gerontechnology in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
 Since ISG 2020, we have faced unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, and our daily lives have changed inevitably. COVID-19 has accelerated the digital revolution around the world and called for innovations on how we work, live, play and take care of others while practicing social distancing. Artificial intelligence is at the center of this digital transformation, as the World Economic Forum rightly put, “It is a key driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” As population aging proceeds, older adults will make up the largest group of users for many of these emerged and emerging technologies. The conference theme, Gerontechnology in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, emphasizes the potential of artificial intelligence to enhance the quality of life of people in all age groups as they experience aging. Moreover, the issue of digital equity will be brought to attention in the context of global aging and sustainable development.


There are two types of abstract:

    • Format No. 1 – Oral paper presentation and poster presentation
    • Format No. 2– Only if you are the convener of a symposium

Click here for abstract template 1(Format 1), and here for abstract template 2 (Format 2). Please note that each individual author may submit a maximum of 3 abstracts as a first author. There is no limit to the number of abstracts you can submit as co-authors. References use APA style
** All accepted abstracts will be published in a special issue of the ISG peer-reviewed journal, Gerontechnology. By following the format carefully, the publishing process will go smoothly. In the journal, each abstract shall not exceed one page.


All accepted abstracts will be published in a special issue of the ISG peer-reviewed journal, Gerontechnology. The published abstracts are grouped into seven broad categories or domains of human activity that technologies aim to enhance.

  1. Housing and daily living
  2. Mobility and transport
  3. Physical and mental health
  4. Information and communication
  5. Work and social participation
  6. Governance and social policy
  7. Others not covered by the listed categories

Please indicate the category that you believe is most suitable for your abstract; however, if the International Scientific Program Advisory Committee deems it necessary, we will select peer reviewers in another category.


Submit abstracts here.

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** Dr. Dorothy Bai

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